Happy Birthday, son!

It’s Alex’s birthday today!  I can’t believe he’s 24 years old already … where did all those years go??  I can still remember he and Nick running around the house as kids, slamming doors and giggling hysterically … now the only ones running around the house and making a mess are our crazy puppies!  Today would also have been my dad’s 91st birthday … I always thought it was pretty cool that the oldest and the youngest in my family were born on the same day!  I miss my dad a lot, but I know he’s closer than ever and watching over all of us.  “Happy Birthday!” Alex & Grampa!

We’re back at Kani Ka Pila tonight, so come on down and help us celebrate 2010!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Hi!! Dad! Happy New Year & Happy birth Day your son(Alex)!!
    I hope the new year bring you& your Family good luck& Happiness!!
    I really wanna go Kanikapila tonight….I’m sorry..I’m in Japan..
    But, I’m gonna Hawaii in this month!! See you again in Hawaii:)Naoko