It’s Alex’s birthday today!  I can’t believe he’s 24 years old already … where did all those years go??  I can still remember he and Nick running around the house as kids, slamming doors and giggling hysterically … now the only ones running around the house and making a mess are our crazy puppies!  Today would also have been my dad’s 91st birthday … I always thought it was pretty cool that the oldest and the youngest in my family were born on the same day!  I miss my dad a lot, but I know he’s closer than ever and watching over all of us.  “Happy Birthday!” Alex & Grampa!

We’re back at Kani Ka Pila tonight, so come on down and help us celebrate 2010!

Aloha, “D”


One thought on “Happy Birthday, son!

  1. Naoko Sakata 13 years ago

    Hi!! Dad! Happy New Year & Happy birth Day your son(Alex)!!
    I hope the new year bring you& your Family good luck& Happiness!!
    I really wanna go Kanikapila tonight….I’m sorry..I’m in Japan..
    But, I’m gonna Hawaii in this month!! See you again in Hawaii:)Naoko

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