Christmas Eve’s Eve

It’s 2 days before Christmas and I haven’t done any shopping yet.  I’m not sure whether I’m motivated enough to battle the crowds at the mall anyway, so I won’t worry about presents this year.  I do want to make sure that we make some charitable contributions before the end of the year, though … it seems that this season, more than any other, is really a time for giving since there are so many people who need help.

I have one meeting today and then I’m going to play squash later this afternoon.  I also have to line up some interviews with my friends, Palani Vaughn and Eddie Kamae, for our upcoming ManoaDNA – Discover Aloha! radio program which debuts in January in Nagoya.  I’m also going to talk with my buddy, Alton Kuioka, chairman of Bank of Hawai’i and Waialae Country Club’s president about the upcoming Sony Open, and Nick & Alex will also be “talking story” with other musician and artist friends.  Should be an interesting show … I hope!

Uh, oh .. here come the puppies!  Bye!

Aloha, “D”