Christmas Week begins!

It’s another beautiful Manoa Monday morning, and I’m so glad we got through last weeks craziness.  Alex is done with exams, so we can relax a bit and work on MDNA projects which include a new CD and ManoaDNA radio show which will begin broadcasting in Nagoya on Radio-I in January.  And I can’t believe Christmas is this Friday … wasn’t it just Thanksgiving a little while ago???  Man, where did December go … I’m going to have to get into the holiday mode real quick!

We’re about to take the brats (aka puppies) for their morning walk.  It’s amazing how dogs communicate with each other – they all pee on the same bush, telephone pole, wall, or whatever to let the others know that they were there … Carla & Linda call “pee-mail” (get it .. email?)! :-)  We’ve also pretty much picked the last of our avocados from our tree and hope that it will bear more fruit again next year.  Our tree is pretty old, though, and I might have to consult a tree expert to see if it’s strong enough to survive another year.  Nick had to anchor it down with straps during the last windstorm because he was afraid it would fall on the house.

Carla is doing fine … she’s moving around pretty well and is starting to get a little “crusty” so you know she’s feeling much better! 🙂

Aloha, “D”

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  1. 🙂 good for you!
    An action of puppies seems to rise in my mind 😀