7 Days to Christmas!

The countdown has started … we have exactly one more week before Christmas!  I can’t believe how quickly December is going … where have all the days gone?!  Alex finishes the last of his final exams today, and I just got word that Carla’s surgery went well and that she is now in recovery so I’ll be leaving for the hospital shortly to see her.  The final hurdle we have this weekend is to finish a very important TV project for next April, but at least a major portion of this absolutely crazy week will soon be over.  If you plan on coming down to Lulu’s tonight, we’re asking everyone to bring some sort of gift or donation for the Lokahi Foundation.  The boys & I are really trying to help the Lokahi charity  since they’re trying to provide for many people in need … they’ve even helped some of our friends in the past when Aloha Airlines went out of business!  Please come and help support them!

Gotta go now and see Carla!

Aloha, “D”