Golf Thursday!

Aloha everyone!  We performed at the Honolulu Club’s annual Christmas party last night after spending most of the day in the recording studio … man, were we tired at the end of the night!  Plus, there was some drunk at the party who kept on bugging us about how we needed to have a bass drum with our name on it whenever we perform so people will know who we are!  I kept telling him that we didn’t have a drummer at most of our gigs, but he kept harping on and on about how we needed to have a bass drum with our name on it at gigs even though there was no drummer – what the …?!!  And then this intoxicated idiot demanded a commission for his “idea”!  At least we ended the night on a good note by stopping off at Likelike Drive Inn to decompress with chocolate malts, burgers, loco mocos, fried rice, and mash potatoes (the last two was Mark’s order!).  Burp!

We want to thank Ray and his staff for having us and the boys are looking forward to getting in top physical shape for next year (although Alex is a little hesitant since Ray told him that he would bring his workouts up the the “next level”)!

Our home is finally starting to look like Christmas – Nick finally brought our Christmas tree into the house a few days ago, and Carla and Linda did a nice job of decorating it.  There are also little Christmas displays around the house so it’s quite festive!  Oh yeah – true to form, the puppies chewed open some of the wrapped gifts while we were out to dinner last evening!  Man … these guys are driving me nuts!

Carla will be going into the hospital again tomorrow for her second procedure and we’re hoping she’ll be home by this weekend.

Aloha, “D”