Tuesday morning, Dec. 15th

Gutten morgen, meine freunden!  I think that’s German for “Good morning, my friends!” … I took 2 years of German in high school and still remember a little of it.  German seems so much easier to me than Japanese for some reason .. Japanese has so many different noun & verb structures depending on what you want to say.  Oh well, I have a hard enough time with English so what the hell …

Another busy day on tap .. Alex is already off to a photo shoot for a golf clothing company, and then has to study for more exams this week.  Nick’s busy at IOLANI and is also working on our new radio show, MANOA DNA – DISCOVER ALOHA! … and I’m just trying to stay out of everybody’s way!  Carla’s also feeling much better and is quickly regaining her old form!

Yesterday we took our friend, Kouji Nishio, golfing yesterday afternoon at Waialae and had a great time.  Nishio-san is the TV producer for TV Shin Hiroshima which produced the documentary about my mother’s search for her Hiroshima family roots.  It will be shown here in Hawai’i on January 2nd at 8:30 pm on the NGN cable network, and will also be re-broadcasted in the Hiroshima area on December 30th (I think).  Anyway, Nishio-san was in Hawai’i to run in his first Honolulu Marathon and finished in a stellar 3 hours and 42 minutes!  Not bad for a rookie, huh?!  Well, he didn’t do as well on golf course yesterday because I swear he must’ve hit every tree on the golf course!  It got so bad that on the back nine, the boys gave him the nickname, “Tree Sensei“!  All in all, it was a great afternoon and we had some good laughs over beers later in the clubhouse with our pal, Danny Kaleikini.  By the way, the momiji manju that Nishio-san kindly brought us was very oishii!

Aloha, “D” 🙂


  1. I like Momiji Manju too!
    Please try Chocolate Momiji & Cream Cheese Momiji next time.

    • Hi Yuko,
      Thank you for your reply! Yes, we really enjoyed the Momiji Manju and will try the other flavors next time!