Saturday update

It’s the day before the Honolulu Marathon and Waikiki is filled with runners from all over the world!  Last night at Lulu’s, there were participants who were obviously carbo-loading for the big day, and I spoke with a few runners from Japan who were so excited to be here!  It was good to be back at Lulu’s after being away for a few weeks … while we were gone they had a sound system installed so we won’t have to provide our own sound anymore – Yippee!  And it was good to see all of our family and friends who came down to welcome us back, including a few friends visiting from Japan!  A lot of them are also coming down to Kani Ka Pila tonight, which will be great since we’re really looking forward to performing there after being away for so long!  Speaking of KKPG, we were invited to the Aloha Friday Luncheon show there yesterday by our pal, Susan Sunderland, and it was a blastl!  The luncheon show is broadcasted live via FM 105 KINE with Billy V emceeing, and he even came over to interview us briefly during his broadcast – thanks Billy!  There was lots of ono Hawai’ian food, and awesome entertainment by Raiatea, Na Leo, and Waipuna.  It was so nice to see Raiatea again .. she’s such a sweetheart, and a great friend to me and my family.  It was also great to see Sonny Kalua too .. he was with us on a couple of Japan trips and is a great guy and musician (he was a terrible “Miss Hawaii” in Osaka, though .. ask him about that one!) :)  Also performing at the luncheon was my “nephew” Kale Hannahs, one-half of the duo, Waipuna.  I’ve known Kale since he was a baby – his parents, Neil & Marianne Hannahs, have been our close friends since college days and our kids have all grown up together.  Their daughter, Lihau, is also quite an accomplished musician and is part of the award-winning duo, Kupaoa.  A huge mahalo to Susan, Billy V, Luana, Bill Comstock (GM of the Outrigger Reef), and all the rest for putting on such a wonderful event!

I’m going to pick up Carla at Queen’s Medical Center in a little while.  The doctors ended up keeping her overnight for observation after her procedure yesterday just to make sure she didn’t have any complications.  I went to visit her late last night after we were done with Lulu’s and she looked great – in fact, she looked a lot better than I did at that hour!  We’re all anxious to get her home today, especially Buster who misses her TERRIBLY!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Hi Dad 🙂
    I’m glad to hear that she looked better.
    Take care.