Monday, Dec. 7th

Aloha kakahiaka!  It’s Monday, Dec. 7th, and it’s the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  There will be lots of news coverage and ceremonies to mark this tragic and historic event which was the start of World War II in the Pacific.  Having been in Hiroshima a few weeks ago, and knowing the history of the Pearl Harbor attack reminds me again of the horrors of war and the price of peace.  My late father fought in Europe with the 442nd Combat Regiment, and Carla’s nephew Richie just returned from Afghanistan after 2 previous tours in Iraq, so the struggle continues on with no end in sight …

We still haven’t gotten our Christmas tree which is very unusual since we always try to get one right after Thanksgiving weekend.  I think it’s because the boys & I have been very busy working on MDNA projects for 2010, and Alex has finals and is getting ready to move into his new digs.  Carla’s recent illness has also preoccupied us all, so I don’t think that the holiday season is quite on our “radar” as of yet.  Still, I know that Christmas is a very important time for the Kawakami family and we plan to celebrate it together no matter how crazy our schedules are!

Please take care, and God bless our troops!

Peace, “D”