Long weekend

It’s Saturday morning on a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Lots of leftovers from Thursday’s feast and lots of college football on TV, which means I’ll probably be spending the day lying on the sofa and stuffing my face!  UH plays Navy tonight at Aloha Stadium and the boys are all going to the game to tailgate.  I think I’ll go up to Punchbowl and visit my dad’s grave site … maybe even play the rough demo of DREAMS COME ALIVE which Alex wrote for his grandpa after he passed away.  If you’ve lost anyone close to you, this song will hit you right in the heart … ’nuff said.

I didn’t go near any of the shopping malls yesterday nor do I plan to go to any of them this weekend.  Since this is supposed to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year, I don’t want to face the hordes of shoppers who will be out in the stores.  I do hope that the stores do some decent business this holiday season even with the shoppers’ tight budgets.

Ok, the puppies are antsy and it looks like I’m on dog-walking duty this morning … rats!  Oh well, it’s a beautiful day and the strong winds are gone … so bring on the beasts!!

Aloha, “D”