After the feast!

Howdy, peeps!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day yesterday!  The boys and I went to play golf in the morning while Carla & Linda made preparations for Thanksgiving dinner.   Boy, the wind was REALLY strong yesterday – I heard that we had gusts close to 50 mph!  It was blowing so much last night that Nick had to tie supports to our old avocado tree to make sure it didn’t fall on our house!  The winds seem to have subsided a bit this morning although it’s still quite breezy …

I ate way too much again last night, even after I vowed never to stuff myself to the max like before!  I feel like a stuffed turkey this morning and will definitely have to play a few games of squash later today!  Last night’s Thanksgiving feast was awesome as usual – lots of turkey and trimmings along with some special additions – Aunty Denise’s awesome chocolate mud pie and our manager Ann’s delicious tako and shrimp takoyaki! Of course, we also had lots of beer, wine, and sake to wash it all down (burp!).

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is officially on as evidenced by today’s shopping frenzy also know as Black Friday.  I can’t believe how some people will camp out for a day or more in front of a store in order to buy the Christmas specials!  I guess if you want something bad enough you’ll do anything to get it … I probably would have done something crazy like that in my younger days.

Peace, “D”