Thanksgiving Eve 2009

Aloha, everyone!  It’s like the calm before the storm … our house is quiet since it’s early in the morning, but in a couple of hours or so it’ll be humming with activity as Carla & Linda start getting ready for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day feast!  The boys & I are responsible for cleaning the porch and lanai areas but other than that, we stay out of the way (that’s why I’m going golfing tomorrow morning … yeah, right!).  Thanksgiving is really the official kick-off  for Christmas because all the stores begin their Christmas promotions immediately on Friday, also known as “Black Friday”.  I sure hope the Christmas sales are decent given the current economic downturn …

My cousin Reid was looking at our website schedule and noticed that we are off from Kani Ka Pila this Saturday … I think I erroneously mentioned that we were going to be performing in yesterday’s blog.  Please be sure to check our website schedule to confirm our performance dates – I wouldn’t trust some old guy’s memory!

We’ll be going back into the recording studio tonight to lay more tracks for our CD, so I’m going to listen to the rough demos this morning so that I’m comfortable with the songs.  I tell you, this CD will be awesome … I’m so excited!

Aloha, “D”