I Miss Michael Jackson

Last night, 7pm at Ward theaters, I saw “This is It,” the music documentary about Michael Jackson’s preparation for a new tour. The thing that is most sad to me, besides the fact that this great performer is gone, is the HUGE disappointment I felt knowing that this show would never make it to the public. I’m a huge fan of music DVDs and live shows, so I’ve seen what the world can offer, and Michael would have put all of those shows to shame. After every segment, I kept thinking, “Damn! That would’ve been so cool!” The amount of people he would’ve drawn would’ve been record-breaking, the amount of pull he still has is unprecedented and the huge gap he left when he passed away may never be filled.

So this Thanksgiving, I reflect and give thanks. In this world of hi-speed, low-attention media, there will never be another Michael Jackson. Manoa DNA is very lucky to have even a small fraction of faithful fans, and this Thanksgiving I am thankful for each and everyone of you. I know we may never be able to produce a show like I saw last night, but to me that doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, we will never stop working to try to get to that point, but even if I too died today, I would be grateful for what I have experienced. You guys keep this dream going, you guys are what help Manoa DNA grow, and for that, I am thankful a million times over.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you all enjoy a safe and stuffed Thanksgiving day.

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  1. Yeah,I miss MJ too…
    That movie is awesome!!!
    I guess MJ has left us many memories.
    He is staying in my mind with his music and dance:)

    Happy Thanksgiving Nick with your family!!!