MDNA radio!

Good morning all!  It’s Tuesday, and we’re two days away from Thanksgiving!  We had a meeting with our manager, Ann, who flew in last Saturday and met us last night at Paesano’s in the Manoa Marketplace.  That woman is amazing – I don’t think she ever sleeps, and yet, she’s always so upbeat and on top of everything!  I send her emails in the morning and am always amazed when I receive replies … remember, she’s in Japan which is 5 hours behind us tomorrow (huh?!), which means it’s around 2 – 3am for her! Besides running her business, she has a husband, two boys, and a yorkshire terrier that also need her constant attention!  If there was ever a contest for SUPERWOMAN OF THE YEAR, she’d get our votes … she’s THAT scary!

We’re starting an exciting new project in January … MDNA will be hosting a weekly 2-hour show for Radio-i in Nagoya!  We’ll be bringing the MDNA Hawai’i experience to listeners in Nagoya and hope that it’ll be successful enough to open up other markets.  We’re very excited and a bit apprehensive, but we’re going to give it our all and see where it takes us!  We’ll let you know more details as the launch date draws closer ….

I have to run now .. got an early meeting.

Aloha, “D”