My Computer is Fixed!

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I had to send my computer in to get fixed so I didn’t have anything to write on. I’ve been meaning to get my computer fixed for literally a year and I finally brought it in to Apple for them to fix it. I have to say that Apple is the best when it comes to fixing computers or iPods or iPhones because they don’t try to screw you over if the part that is broken looks fixed when you bring it in. I brought my computer in and told the person what was wrong and mentioned another thing that was bothering me, but when he looked at it, it seemed to work. He decided to send it in and when I got it back today it said that two things were fixed and now it works great! Apple computers ROCK!

So, now that I have my computer back I can get back to my research papers I have to write…yay…
Oh well, I have to get back to work on all my things!
By the way, 3rd CD is underway and I can tell you that the songs sound AWESOME!