Calm before the storm …

What a quiet Monday morning!  The strong winds have finally gone, and it seems like the neighborhood’s getting a late start.  Oh, no wonder … it’s only 6am!  All three puppies slept with us last night since Linda is dog-sitting for a friend of hers out in Portlock.  I forgot how crowded it gets with the dogs … if you shift or roll over during the night, they move right in and crowd up against you!  Kind of reminds me of the Tokyo subways during rush hour!

Played golf yesterday with the DNA golf guys out at the Hawaii Prince G.C., and yes, I sucked!  I shot an 87 with two triple bogeys and one double par … horrible!  I did manage to win closest-to-the-pin on two of the par-3s, though, so there were some bright spots.  Congratulations to low-net winner Mark Miyaki for a stellar net 68 score, and to high-net “wiener”, Bill Craig, for an awful net 90-something!  I’m just glad that I’m no longer the oldest geezer out there … Zac Chun’s dad, Stuart, now holds that honor!

It’s Thanksgiving week, folks, and preparations have already started in the Kawakami household for Thursday’s feast!  Carla’s already finished preparing her fresh cranberry sauce, and I’m sure the kitchen will be busy all week!  I believe MDNA is only performing at Kani Ka Pila this Saturday since the boys wanted to enjoy the holiday weekend.  We still have a lot of studio work to do for a Japan TV project and our new CD, so we’ll be still be quite busy!

Interesting note:  Just found out that my Aunty Mabel from Kaua’i likes reggae music!  What the … ??!!

Aloha, “D”