DNA golf today!

It’s Sunday and aloha kakahiaka to all of you!  We did not perform at Kani Ka Pila Grille last night because we played for a wedding over at the Moana Surfrider Hotel.  It was a small, intimate reception with the bridal party, close friends and family enjoying some great food and music from ManoaDNA!  We’d like to thank Jason and Winnie for allowing ManoaDNA to be a part of their very special day!  Congratulations and best wishes, you guys!!

… I just returned from our walk with the puppies and saw a beautiful Manoa double-rainbow overhead!  It always brings such joy and inspiration to me whenever I see a rainbow, especially here in the valley … sort of gives me the assurance that our kupuna are indeed watching over us!

I forgot to thank my aunty Mabel & uncle Norman visiting from Kaua’i who came to see us perform at U.H. this past Friday!  This was the first time they’ve seen MDNA perform and I think they were overwhelmed since we had the full band that night.  They had heard so much about our Hawai’i Tourism performances and were probably expecting to see hear a lot of Hawaiian music … instead, they got an ear full of contemporary rock!  I think they enjoyed it anyway, and I wanted to thank them also for the beautiful ginger lei!!  Mahalo to my cousin Reid and his wife, Marilyn, for bringing them down to U.H.!  (thanks for beers too – they were HUGE!)  Mahalo also to my family, including the Sanders clan, for coming down to support us that evening!

Gotta run … we got MDNA golf today out at the Hawai’i Prince course.

Take care and have an AWESOME day!

Aloooooha, “D”