Weekend …

Good morning!  It’s Saturday and I got up rather early … must have been the Liliha Bakery pancakes that Mark and I ate last night after our gig at U.H..  The last time I ate at Liliha Bakery was a few years ago when I was still performing with Cecilio, but boy, did they taste great!  We’ve tried to make them at home with the batter that they sell, but it just isn’t the same.  I think it has something to do with the griddle they use – with all the years of cooking on it, the food just tastes better.  The other thing about eating at Liliha is that there are no tables – everyone sits at a counter and there is always a line of people waiting for an open seat.  Pretty funky place!

The gig we did at U.H. last night was the first time the full MDNA band has played together since July!  It was great to have Seann back on drums .. I really miss playing with him and we’d really like to get him in on more gigs.  On a sadder note, our bass player Ron has decided to leave the band and pursue other endeavors.  Ronnie has been with MDNA since we started back at E&O and we’ll miss his steady bass lines … MAHALO, RON!

We have to perform at a wedding reception tonight so we won’t be at Kani Ka Pila … again!  Next week will be another hectic one since it’s Thanksgiving and our manager, Ann, will be in town.  Lots to do!

Aloha, “D”