Monday, Nov. 16th

Aloha Kakahiaka!  It’s another blustery morning here in the valley, and the sun is just beginning to peek out from behind the clouds.  I have another busy day today – I’m taking one of my friends to pick up an ukulele at the KoAloha Ukulele factory before he returns to Japan tomorrow morning.  KoAloha is one of ManoaDNA’s sponsors and they have some of the finest ukulele instruments in the world.  The founders, the Okami family, are really wonderful people and they’ve been great friends and supporters of me and my boys from the very beginning!  If you’re ever in Honolulu, please be sure to check out their factory in Kalihi and tell them ManoaDNA said “ALOHA!”.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we’ve just completed our first project for 2010 – a song called OUR HAWAI’I which will debut next year in tourism promotions.  Everyone really seems to like the song, so we may want to include it or another version of it in our new CD.  But for now, we need to start work on a recording for an upcoming TV project along with new material for our long-awaited 3rd CD … I guess we’re really gonna have our hands full for the next couple of months!

By the way, I found out that delicious okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima that we ate at is called Henkutsuya.  It was about a 10-minute walk from our hotel, the ANA Crowne Plaza, and well worth it!  If you ever have a chance to check it out, tell ’em MDNA said they’re “da best”!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Hi Dad,
    Aloha Kakahiaka! I went to KoAloha factory last month. Very nice!!
    There are lot of kind people. I wanted to get new ukulele!!!hehe(^^)
    I’m pleasure for your new HTJ songs “Our Hawaii”!!
    PS:I will send a picture that I put on IOLANI shirts to Carla.