Last day in Hiroshima :-(

Good morning!  It’s our last day in Hiroshima and we’re packing everything up to leave this afternoon after we finish our last performance.  It’s been another great trip … not only did we get to visit our ohana again, but we also made many new friends and fans!  Gotta go … will update after we get to Tokyo!

Hello again and welcome to Tokyo!  We just arrived via the Shinkansen bullet train a little while ago and have now settled in to our regular “home” in Shiodome.  We had a wonderful last day in Hiroshima today, with two more performances before packed crowds at the Tenmaya Dept. store.   We were sad to have to say goodbye to all of our family and friends who came to see us these past 3 days, but we’re looking forward to seeing them again next year!  When we got to the train station this evening, our good friends from TV Shin Hiroshima came to see us off and brought us 8 boxes of Alex’s favorite Yama-chan chicken wings … that’s 200 pieces of the greatest tasting chicken wings on this planet!  Boy did we have a feast on the train!  A very big mahalo to Kurihara-san and Mori-san for that wonderful omiyage!

We have a one performance tomorrow evening here in Tokyo before returning to Hawai’i on Monday, so our schedule will be short and quick.  I’ll let you know how tomorrow’s gig goes ….

And hello once again!  I’m sort of compiling the last 2 days events into this one blog, so sumimasen!  Anyway, it’s now Monday and we’re packing up for our return trip home.  It’s been a wonderful trip (as always) and last night we performed at a hula competition here in Tokyo.  We saw many friends including Kimiko (The Birds), hula sensei Charnelle, and our old friend, Shioji-san at the event.  The boys and I were pretty beat after the show, but still managed to out and karaoke until 2am!  I have to apologize to our manager, Ann Suzukawa, because it was her and husband Sam’s 17th wedding anniversary and they had to spend the whole evening with us drinking and making complete fools of ourselves!  Sorry, Ann!!  We’ll make it up to you … promise!  Anyway, we’re off to our meetings so my next blog will be after our return tomorrow …ALOHA!!

The “D”

Aloha, the “D”


  1. Hi! Dad
    I’m so happy run into oluolu mele again at Hiroshima!
    see you again