Aloha from Hiroshima!

Hi everyone!  It’s 7:30 am here in sunny & cool Hiroshima and we’re getting ready to go meet everyone for breakfast.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post a blog yesterday, but we were on the go from early morning to late evening and I was too exhausted to type!  Anyway, lots to tell you …

We arrived in Hiroshima late Wednesday night (early Tuesday morning for us local folks .. huh?!) via the bullet train, and immediately made our AM/PM (local convenience store) run for water and snacks.  The hotel we’re staying at – the ANA Crowne Plaza – is very nice and convenient.  They have a great breakfast buffet – something that the boys & I take VERY seriously .. but I think Alex will only give them 3 stars out of 4 since they don’t have his favorite Cocoa Crispies (Japan version) and that great mustard that has the mustard seeds in them!

We started yesterday with an early TV performance promoting the Aloha Festival at the Tenmaya Dept. store followed by an early afternoon show.  We then performed at the Honolulu Day concert at the Aster Plaza which really seemed like a political rally with music.  You know me and the boys, though … we had a blast anyway and made sure that the audience joined in the fun!  I really felt sorry for all the Honolulu guys though … watching them from the stage was hilarious!  Their poor heads were bobbing up and down as they bravely fought to stay awake!  Boing! Boing!  That’s because, even though it was only 8:30pm in Japan it was already 1:30am in Hawaii!

The really cool part about yesterday was that we got to see our Hiroshima family again.  I can’t express the emotions I felt when I saw my mom and our cousins Erika and Tadao warmly embrace each other again!  I was immediately reminded of Alex’s words in VOICES SWEET … “On a journey over mountains ‘cross the sea .. Take me home to find my family”.  We are indeed so fortunate to have found a part of our roots which had been lost for so many years … so VERY fortunate!

A big “MAHALO!” to our Hirsoshima “ohana” who came to see us … Nao, Naoko, Miyuki, Masuko, and all the rest!  Kudos to HTA, HTJ, Mayor Mufi, Wayne, Don, Hokulani Elementary, and the rest of the Honolulu delegation who, along with Mayor Akiba and the City of Hiroshima, made this wonderful 50th Honolulu-Hiroshima Anniversary possible with all their support and hard work!   Great job, gang!

Ok … I’m going to go enjoy another wonderful breakfast buffet now before we have to get ready for another show …

Mata ne,

Aloha, The “:D”


  1. Thank you for including me @ Tokkuri-tei!
    Actually I was the poorest English speaker of all and
    it was kind of listening training for me…
    But I had a lot of fun!

    I haven’t returned to Hiroshima for 1 year and envy you…
    Because I used to work near Tenmaya and often frequented there,
    I feel homesick for around there…
    Anyway, enjoy your stay and don’t forget eating oysters!!

    • Aloha, Yuko!
      I’m glad you were able to join us at Tokkuritei! We just returned from Japan this morning and are very tired!
      The weather in Hiroshima was beautiful and we had a very nice time!
      Mahalo, “D”

  2. Aloha dad!! I had great time with you guys! MAHALO nui!

    And did I tell you?? I was working at that Hotel until end of September about 7 years!! haha 😉

    Hope to see you tomorrow ne!

  3. Hi Dad 🙂
    I think that it is a very busy schedule, but please enjoy a time with your family.
    And ganbattene at work!!
    Take care 😉

  4. Aloha Dad! It’s me, Chiemi.. Welcome to Hiroshima. Today I received ManoaDNA sticker with your autograph from Nao. Mahalo!! I really wanted to see Dad,Nick,Alex and Carla, and listen to your music but I have to work almost whole this week, even this weekend. That’s toooooo bad…
    Anyways please enjoy the rest of your stay in Hiroshima:D)

    • Hi Chiemi!
      I’m sorry we weren’t able to see you while we were in Hiroshima, but I hope we will be able see you again soon!
      Please take care!

  5. Hi Dad—all’s well in Honolulu. Miss everyone–so do the puppies! Aloha

  6. Hi Dad!
    I’m sooooo happy to see you again!!
    I had super great time in Hiroshima with you all:-)
    Please enjoy the rest of the days in Japan!

    Aloha and a hui hou.

    • Hi Miyuki!
      We just got back to Hawai’i this morning and are feeling very tired. Thank you for coming to our performances in Hiroshima and we look forward to seeing you in Hawai’i soon!