Ughh .. it’s the morning after Halloween and our house is a mess after our party last night.  My favorite part of the whole evening was checking out all the cool Halloween costumes that all the kids wore – Alex was dressed up as TV pitchman Billy Mays and Nick was a bumblebee (I think!).  All their friends were dressed up as different characters too – some I recognized, and some I didn’t.  MDNA’s bassist/keyboarder, Mark, came as Korean strongman, Kim Jong Il minus the funky glasses!  And as always, we had way too much food, but I think the big kids finished off most of it as the evening went on.  Hey Denise, thanks for making my favorite chocolate pie – it’s absolutely the best!

I finally went to bed around midnight, which is very late for me!  I don’t know what time the boys finally called it a night but I’ll bet it must have been around 3am or so!  I’m going to play some squash this morning and then take it easy for the rest of the day.  We have to start getting ready for our trip since we leave on Tuesday …

Aloha, The “:D”

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  1. Naoko Mikajima

    Aloha Otousan. 🙂 See you soon.

    Safe flight ne.

    Naoko Mikajima from hiroshima