Happy Halloween!

I hope you all are having a great Halloween!  I played golf this morning in our Fall Club Day tournament out at Waialae … didn’t score too well but made an eagle on hole #5!  It was a beautiful morning for golf since the tradewinds are back and the vog is gone!  We’re getting ready for our annual Halloween gathering at our house tonight, so I’ve got to go and pick up ice and drinks on my way home.  Should be a fun night and I especially enjoy seeing all the little kids in their costumes!

It was another packed night at Lulu’s last night, with some people (including yours truly) dressing up in pre-Halloween garb.  I went as a badly-dressed tourist complete with an artificial lei, Alex went as a Jason Mraz knock-off, and Nick dressed up like a Lulu’s waiter.  Misa came dressed as Meg of FAMILY GUY again … very cool!  It was also nice to see our friend Miho again, along with Shin and his lovely wife.  A big mahalo to Kale, Anna, Anna’s brother Terrence, Wakaha, Michi, and the rest of the gang for coming down and partying with us.  And finally, thanks for the DVD and magazine, Yutaka!

Have a safe and fun Halloween … don’t eat too much candy!

Aloha, The “:D”


  1. Hi!!Dad!!
    Happy Halloween!!!

    I enjoyed Lulu’s Web LIVE yesterday!


  2. Happy Halloween Dad!!
    I watched the Lulu’s Live on internet!! I had a lot of fun.
    wow, your guys are all Halloween version! so nice(^^)
    You are put on the Lei??
    BTW, I went to IOLANI,and I bought 1 dress and 1 shirt. I love it!
    I will put on this dress when I come to Manoa Live!!

    • Aloha, Masako!
      I’m sorry I missed you while you were in Hawai’i, but hope to see you in Japan soon!
      I’m glad you enjoy our IOLANI clothes .. they’re filled with ALOHA!!
      Mahalo, The “D”