Boring Tuesday

Ok … nothing’s going on today other than the fact that it’s going to continue to be hot and muggy again!  And we’re being told that these sticky conditions will remain with us through the week – yuck!!  We even had to sleep with the air conditioner for the first time last night, which I hate to do because it always dries me out and causes my voice to sound really creepy!  But I guess it’s better than lying in bed all sweaty!

I’m going to start picking some of the avocados for the first time today – yeah!  I have a list of people waiting for the fruit, but I have to make sure I give the first one to my pal, Susan (hear that, Susan?) or she’s going to write evil stuff about us in her column! :-)  And I can’t believe it but we found another half-eaten avocado in our house yesterday!  The puppies are still dragging them in and snacking on ’em … maybe I should give them some chips and salsa to go along with their avocado!  Hmmm … come to think of it, next thing you know they’ll be helping themselves to my Miller Lite too! 🙂 (that’s ok .. but if they touch the Sapporo Classic, it’s war!)

Aloha, The “:D”


  1. An avocado gets you ONE nice compliment in the next story I write and I might even spell your name correctly!:-)