Thursday again?!

Wow .. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  There’s never enough time when you have so many things to do, and believe me, we have a LOT on our plate!  Poor Alex is jamming right now to complete a demo by today’s deadline … he has the basic melody and feel down but probably has to tweak it a bit before sending it off.  Nick is busy working on IOLANI stuff, and we’ve scheduled rehearsals wherever there’s an open time slot … so you can see we’re going nuts!  I’m glad we’ll be home for a while after this next November trip so we can enjoy the holidays and work on our projects …

I got a break and didn’t have to walk the puppies this morning … our pal Linda took over my duties!  She told me that one of the avocados almost hit Peanut when it fell from the tree.  Since the fruit are ripening and some of them are starting to fall off the tree, the puppies better watch out or they may end up getting nailed by one.  Hmm .. I wonder if dogs can get amnesia … wouldn’t that be outrageous?!  🙂

Aloha, The “D”

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  1. Hey, bring me one of those infamous avocados from your yard. I’ve read so much about them, I want one now!