Hot & humid!

Boy, it suddenly got very hot & humid recently … sort of reminds me of a cooler version of Guam!  I know there are a couple of big storms in the Pacific so maybe they’re affecting our weather here.  The good news is that our avocados are almost ready to be picked – maybe a couple more weeks.  People are already calling about them since they know how good ours are .. plus, they’re soooo expensive in the markets these days!

It’s crunch time now that we have less than two weeks before we leave for Japan, and we’re (mainly Alex) under the gun to come up with a new 2010 campaign song for Hawaii Tourism Japan before we leave.  With ongoing preparations for our new CD and our trip, there is very little time for anything else and things are really hectic.  The boys have been through this before so I’m not worried!

Uh, oh … here come those fuzzy brats (aka puppies) looking for suckers (me & Carla) to take them for a walk!  G’bye!

Aloha, Lloy:D