Quiet Tuesday

It’s about 8:30am and the Manoa rain mists are blowing through the valley.  I have a pretty slow day today … we have a radio interview this morning for our upcoming trip to Hiroshima, and then I have a few errands to run after that.  It’s much different than yesterday where I spent the majority of my time and energy at IOLANI.  The economy here in Hawai’i is still very bad and Carla and her staff have been doing an awesome job of running the business under such great stress!

Our interview this morning is with Misa Uyehara of KZOO radio here in Hawai’i.  Misa and her husband, Paul, were also featured in the TV Shin Hiroshima documentary, ALOHA MY OHANA, which was aired in Japan last April.  If you recall, it also featured my mother’s search to find her family roots in Hiroshima.  After the interview, I need to drop off a bottle of some special Niigata shochu to my friend, Leon Yoshida.  The shochu was a gift from my very favorite pest-chan, Reiko Rogers of StudioRim Hawaii, and I wanted to share it with Leon’s Shochu Kai gathering on Thursday.

Aloha, Lloy”D”