DNA golf recap

Good morning!  It’s another cool Monday morning here in Manoa Valley and I’m getting ready to walk the puppies.  I had an ok round of golf yesterday with the DNA group and shot an 86 out at New Ewa International.  Alex was on fire, however, and won the tournament with an 85 … he parred the final 6 holes too!  Awesome!

We have two more weeks before we return to Japan to perform .. lots of work and planning to do before then!  Besides our upcoming CD recording, we have two projects for which we need to produce demos for by the end of November.  This next trip to Hiroshima is a special one for us since we’ll be performing for the Honolulu-Hiroshima 50th Anniversary celebration concert.  As you know, my mother’s parents immigrated to Hawai’i from Hiroshima and we got to finally meet some of our relatives just last year.  A TV documentary, ALOHA OHANA, was produced and shown in Japan this past April, and it told the story of my mother’s search to find her family roots after all these years.   Since it aired, we’ve received so many nice comments and stories from people who said that the story reminded them of how important family was.  I have to admit that even though the boys and I were involved in the filming of the documentary, it still brought tears to my eyes when I saw the finished product.

Aloha, Lloy”D”

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  1. Hi Dad!
    Sorry you are so busy… Please hang in there!!
    I watched and recorded ALOHA OHANA. I watch this program sometimes now. I was moved.