Aerosmith In The House!

IMG_0280 This was an AWESOME concert, and I still can’t believe I saw Aerosmith in concert! Aerosmith! AEROSMITH!! It was great, as you can see, Steve Tyler was on fire and a show in himself! Along with Joe Perry on the shredding guitar, it was a show I will never forget. Minus the drama that actually preceded the concert itself (as discussed in my previous vlog:, it was well worth the cost (and ear damage) to see it all live. I knew it was gonna be great when they opened with my favorite song, “Eat the Rich.”

Well done Aerosmith, thank you for honoring your commitment to Hawai’i, and I’m forever grateful I got to see my favorite band of all time before they retired!


  1. I was there too. Great concert. Last saw them at the Blaisdell in the 70’s while I was still in high school so I was one of the older guys at this concert. I got a question. If you were in the arena early there was a song that was playing over and over on the PA system. Do you know the title and artist?