DNA golf

Aloha everyone!  It’s Sunday morning and Alex and I are about to head out to New Ewa International golf course for our monthly ManoaDNA golf outing.  We’re a little tired since we had a very busy night at Kani Ka Pila last night!  I wish ManoaDNA LIVE! was online so you all could have seen the place … it was absolutely rocking at the end with people packing the floor and dancing.  The audience wouldn’t let us stop so we ended up going an extra half hour before we finally had to quit from exhaustion!  What a night!  A big “MAHALO” to all of our “dancers” … you guys were awesome!

Herb Ohta Jr. and his family also dropped by KKP along with our good friends, Milan and Maya Bertosa.  We’ll be working with Jr. to produce our long-awaited 3rd CD due out early next spring, so we’re really excited about the project.  And as in the two previous CDs, Milan will be on the mixing board for us …

I’m off to golf now, so mata ne?

Aloha, Lloy”D”