The morning after

Good morning everyone in Blogland!  We had another fun time at Lulu’s last night … I hope those of you who tuned in to ManoaDNA LIVE! enjoyed the show!  I want to thank all of our friends and family who came to see us last night, especially my uncle Dan from LA who’s still recovering from major leg surgery – take care, uncle!  It was also great to see our good friends, John and Carrie Morgan who were there to celebrate son Jason’s recent engagement, along with Leighton and Lani Lam, and long-lost Megan Abbott … btw, Jason and Nick were ’01 buddies at Punahou.  Surprise of the evening – we received a very nice gift from our friends from Sapporo – a six-pack of SAPPORO CLASSIC beer!!  Yes!!  Thank you soooo much!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to our bass player, Ron Quong, who broke his finger recently and is unable to perform with us for a while.  Hmmm .. I wonder how he broke his finger … maybe someone punched him in the nose?  Nah, nah, just kidding … anyway, get well fast Ronnie ‘cuz we miss you!

Did I forget to mention that this past Wednesday, Reiko, of Studio Rim Hawaii brought us some delicious omiyage from our friend, Chizuko in Sapporo?  Anyway, thank you so much Chizuko, and thank you, Reiko, for hand-carrying it all the way from Sapporo!!

Later … Lloy”D”