Lulu’s tonight

It’s Friday which means we’ll be at Lulu’s tonight.  I’m not sure whether we’ll be broadcasting ManoaDNA LIVE! since we had problems with Lulu’s network the last time, but check in anyway … Nick my have solved it.

I had a decent round of golf yesterday .. actually won a couple of bucks!  Had a horrible front nine though (46), but managed to finish strong with a final score of 85.  We have a ManoaDNA golf tournament this Sunday out at the New Ewa International golf course, so I’d better be on my game or the boys will eat me alive!

Have any of you heard the song HOLE HOLE BUSHI?  It’s an old song that was written back in the days when the first Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawai’i to work on the sugar plantations.  It describes their endless days of hard labor and feelings of despair and loneliness … I listened to the version that my friend, Palani Vaughn, recorded which has a very sad and haunting melody to it.  Anyway, we were asked to perform it at a Honolulu/Hiroshima sister-city celebration and I’m a little puzzled as to why they would want such a sad song for such a happy occasion.  Maybe we’ll do an up-beat, rock n’ roll version … NOT!!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi!DAD!Goodmorning!(in Japan…)
    How are you doing??
    It’s Lulu’s LIVE today,isn’t it??
    I wish I could watch ManoaDNA WEB LIVE!!!
    Looking forward it…. Good Luck!! Mahalo Naoko

  2. Hi Dad! I enjoyed Lulu’s live today too!
    BTW, do you perform at Gaia in Hawaii University? I will go to there!
    Hope to see you then!
    I listened to “Hole Hole Bushi” on Japanese TV program.
    This is Japanese-American sansei story. And her grandmother is arrived Japanese immigrant in Hawaii. She said about her work and sang a song “Hole Hole Bushi”. I became sad when I listen to this song…

  3. Aloha, Dad!
    I searched and listened to “Hole Hole Bushi”…sad song… This July, when the missions of Hiroshima visited Honolulu, “Hole Hole Bushi” was sung. They seem to take note of the background that immigrants made this song. Um…I think it seem not to be suitable, just my opinion:(
    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys in Hiroshima(^^)

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

    • Hi Nao,
      Yes, that was my opinion too, but the Honolulu delegation wants to sing HOLE HOLE BUSHI at the concert. I’m sure it will turn out ok, though …
      Aloha, Lloy”D”