Daily blogs

Ok .. vacations over and I’ll start writing my daily blogs again!  I know I’ll probably get scolded by Reiko again for missing last week!

The days seem to be getting longer as we head into the fall season … it’s already 6am and still dark outside.  I love the mornings here in Manoa .. cool, quiet, and very peaceful.  The puppies also seem more relaxed, although they still run around like nut cases when they first wake up.  Someone in our neighborhood must have a rooster because I just heard it calling out nearby … I wonder if it’s those same guys who were raising bunnies last year.  Somehow, the cute little animals got loose and were popping up all over the place … man, it was like Easter Comes To Manoa!  I haven’t seen any lately, though, so I guess most of them were finally caught.

Aloha, Lloyd


  1. Welcome back Dad!!!

    • Thank you Masako!
      I had a very nice trip, but it’s always great to come back home!
      Aloha, Lloy”D”