Another Surf Adventure

I went out paddle surfing again yesterday and it was very very hot and humid again. The water was very warm, almost to the point where it was too warm.

I had another adventure yesterday when I rode down the side of a good sized wave. As I was on the wave, I looked down and a huge sea turtle popped his head up right in front of my board. I thought I was going to hit him!! Luckily he saw me and quickly dove down. I see a lot of turtles out there but that was the first time that one of them actually popped up to say hi to me while I rode a wave!
Seeing turtles out in the ocean is so awesome and I hope they stay alive and their population grows…they’re so beautiful in the water.

Have any of you ever seen a turtle in the ocean while in Hawaii?? It’s an amazing sight!

One Comment

  1. I had experience at “Dolphin Quest Hawaii” and observed an underwater creature.
    It was an artificial gulf. 
    My swimming was clumsy… I hit Honu!!
    I seemed to be obstructive him(or her), and Honu brushed me off by an arm, swam and left me.