Another Reno day …

Hello all!  It’s evening here in Reno, Nevada and we just got finished having dinner at a great steakhouse here in the hotel.  I’m feeling a little tired now so I’ll give you a quick recap of the last two days of golf here.  We played our first round yesterday out at the Summerset golf course and boy, did we struggle!  The course itself was beautiful and the weather was perfect, but everyone struggled so much that the best NET score was 78!  Yours truly shot a stellar 97 for a net 74 … and that was after shooting a 55 on the front nine!  I really played badly, but because everyone else also played poorly I actually placed 6th overall and won some of the jackpot!  A score of 143 was turned in by Henry Arakaki who, with a 30 handicap, took last-place honors with a net 113!

Today we played at the Lakeridge golf course and the scores were much better … I shot an 84 for a net 71 and placed around 5th or 6th again.  The course was much easier and I took a picture of their beautiful par-3 signature hole which I birdied!  Take a look at these pics and enjoy!

Sommerset Golf Club
Sommerset Golf Club
Signature hole at the Lakeridge G.C. - pretty awesome huh?
Par 3 signature hole at Lakeridge G.C. from tee box - pretty awesome huh?

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. What a beautiful photos!!

  2. Aloha!! So nice golf course!! But I did’t play golf long time!!
    I went to Kani Kapila Grill on End of Aug with Mr Yutaka-san.
    I received email from Ms Carla-san about Kamalei dress.
    My Halau entry to “Ohana” hula festival in Japan on Nov.8.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you and your family.

    • Mahalo, Charnelle!
      We look forward to seeing you & your halau at Nihon Seinenkan on Nov. 8th!
      Aloha, Lloyd