Aloha from Reno!

Ha, ha … I may be on “vacation”, but I’m not going to let Alex have all the blogging fun!

After flying all day yesterday and  spending the night in San Francisco, I finally arrived in Reno, Nevada this morning.  The weather is beautiful – clear skies, cool temperatures, and ZERO humidity!  I heard that Reno is over 4,000 feet above sea level and the air is so dry that my lips have already started chapping and my skin is itching!  Anyway, I spent most of today napping and hanging out with some of the guys in my golf club who arrived last night.  The Peppermill Hotel & Casino is a pretty nice place – it’s been recently renovated and has some great places to eat & drink.  The decor is kinda weird, though – dark with lots of mirrors all over the place … sort of a “House of Mirrors meets Vegas strip club” kind of atmosphere!  There are so many mirrors in this place that I almost walked into one trying to find my way to the coffee shop!

We’re golfing at Somersett tomorrow morning and then play at Lakeridge on Friday, so I plan to get a lot of rest tonight.  I’ll be sending more updates and pics after golf tomorrow so stay tuned for more stuff from the big island of America!

Aloha, Lloyd”D”


  1. WOW! tanoshimi 😉

  2. Please take a good rest and have fun!!
    See you soon!