My golf game sucks!

I played golf this afternoon at Waialae and shot a terrible round!  I couldn’t keep my tee shots in the fairway, my irons were terrible, and my putting was non-existent … now I know why I love this game so much!  I’d better get my game in order real quick or I’m going to get my butt kicked next week in Reno.

Alex with the revolutionary KoAloha "Juke"
Alex with the revolutionary KoAloha "Juke"Â

Alex and I had a nice time at the KoAloha Ukulele factory in Kalihi with the Okami family (owners) and their staff, Herb Ohta Jr. and family, and some very nice people from Chigaski, Japan.  We had a great barbecue dinner which the Okamis and Herb prepared for everyone, and we even jammed a bit.  Papa Alvin Okami unveiled his latest creation, the Jukulele … what an awesome sounding instrument!  Although the body shape is highly unusual and kinda looks like a jukebox, the tone quality and volume levels are unreal!

Aloha, Pops