What a Week!

Wow…this has been a crazy week! So I have two exams this week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Also, we had a tsunami scare that ended up being nothing, but Samoa got hit and we send our prayers to them.

We also talked about our 3rd CD and we are going to start recording very soon! We have our list ready and we have a lot of good songs coming out!

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a BBQ at the KoAloha Ukulele factory with Herb Ohta Jr., and I will take a lot of pictures and videos to post!!

And finally, I am very depressed right now because the UH football team just lost and made me sad….
That’s ok, they’ll be better next week!!!

Alright folks I hope to have a vlog up sometime soon when I have some time, but right now I have school work and music to work on so I’m a little busy…