Lazy Saturday morning

I’m sitting here watching the PGA Championship and I just watched Tiger Woods slice his tee shot into the sand bunker.  He’s so good, though, that he’ll probably still end up parring or maybe even birdie the hole … unlike me, who would hack my way to a bogey or buzzard!  Man, I love this game!  Speaking of golf, I may try to pick up a new putter today … I can’t seem to get comfortable with my Rossa and I’ve been using it for almost a year.

Great night at Lulu’s again … made a lot of new friends and fans from all parts of the world who tuned in to our ManoaDNA LIVE! video stream.  Our regular gang of family and friends were there to cheer us on along with some great hula by Yutaka, Sarah, Pat, and Naoko, our friend from Japan who is visiting here with her family.  Check out the photo of our friend Leland’s bodyboard with the MDNA sticker – thanks for spreading the DNA faith guys!  Thanks also to Yutaka for the cool martial arts towel …

See you at Kani Ka Pila tonight!

Friend Leland's bodyboard w/ MDNA sticker - cool!
Our buddy Leland's bodyboard w/ MDNA sticker - cool!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi Dad!!
    I enjoyed your Live on intenet yesterday!! Mahalo for your Live every week. BTW, you are not “ビールっ腹”… haha(^-^)

  2. Thank you Dad!!

    I had a great time on Friday!!

    See you again in November!!

    • Aloha, Naoko!
      Thank you for coming in to Lulu’s last Friday .. your hula was great!

  3. Howzit Lloyd,
    Great performance at Lulu’s on Friday and saw the video streaming from the last part from 8pm. Layla was performed GREAT but i want to hear the regular version of electric strat, guitars and keyboard on the middle instumental jam. That would be soooo mesmerizing and SUGOI!! Thanks for putting up the pic of my bodyboard and i realized i had put the Oakley sticker because i had like the design and bought a pair of blades from a store and they had given me a sticker with purchase and i see you are sponsored by Oakley ( or have some Oakley affiliation ) with their products. It looks very nice on the board along with The Hui and T & C stickers. Looking forward to more Manoa DNA stickers and colors to ome out soon? Save a couple for me to put on my board for advertsing the Manoa DNA universe. Hey, i know Nick’s catching a cold and Alex is not too far behind him but give them a sipping shot of Rock N Rye to soothe their musical voices. What’s the sense of having it when you can’t use it?? I’ll send you another Manoa DNA pic that i saw recently. The fever is starting to catch on. Kio Tsukete Kudasai Lloyd and Domo Arigatoo for the 5 seconds of fame on the website. Jodan desu!!!! Mata ne!