DNA Online!

We had 211 people visit our live show online last night at Lulus! That’s the most we’ve ever had!!!!
Thanks to all of you who watched it online and thanks to the people who came down to Lulus, it was a great night!!!
Tonight we will be at Kani Ka Pila and we will be streaming at the same time, 6-9. I hope you all can visit and watch us for a little while.

I’m sorry in advance because I have a cold that I caught after I came back from japan and I think it’s just because I’ve been exhausted. My voice was not very good at Lulus and it’ll probably be worse at Kani Ka Pila… :0 but I’ll push through and try hard to sound good for you all!!

Thanks for visiting and hope to talk to you all online or at Kani Ka Pila!!

FYI…3rd CD is in the introductory stage…more updates to come


  1. Hi Alex!!

    How is your condition?
    Are you all right??
    I hope you get well soon!
    Please take good care of yourself!!



    • Aloha Mari,
      Yes I think I’ll be ok, my voice is very tired today so we’ll see how tonight goes!

  2. Hi Alex!!

    Thank you for your reply:-)
    You looked still sick via internet live.
    Don’t you’ll make your cold worse!!

    I’m sorry I will be absent from next week Manoa DNA Live!…:-(
    So see you two weeks later!!

    Take care!!