JATA Report: Ghana House

I have a lot of footage from our most recent trip to Japan, and will try to edit and post as much as possible. Lucky you, I had a couple of hours in Narita airport and was able to get episode one done.

Episode Description:
There are several food booths that accompany the travel industry show at JATA. About two years ago, we discovered the “Ghana House” booth and their kabob sandwiches. DEEEELICIOUS! As you can see by the video, the chicken, beef, and cabbage sandwich is so heavenly. In fact, it was so good we had four throughout the trip!


  1. Hi guys,
    You looked so happy!!
    Yeah, I want to try the kabob sandwiches but I can’t wait it for next year…
    Well, I sometimes see a Ghana food wagon at Roppongi.. at night;)
    I’ll try it there next chance!!

    I was happy to see you again at JATA:)
    Always thank you for your kindness and of course your awesome performance!!
    Looking forward to seeing you all… hopefully in Hawaii!!!
    Take care and Have a great rest of the week!

    “Crazy FAN”

  2. Hi Nick!!

    You looked tired today’s performance. Are you okay?
    I heard Alex has a cold. And do you have a cold, too?
    If you are so, please take good care of yourself!!

    I’m sorry I will be absent from next week Manoa DNA Live!…:-(
    So see you two weeks later!!