JATA Recap

It’s around 10:30 am and we just arrived home after a long overnight flight from Narita.  We left Sapporo at 1:45 pm “today” (Japan time is 19 hours ahead of Hawaii), connected to our flight out of Tokyo.  We saw a lot of musicians and dancers who were returning from the Na Hiwahiwa concert in Tokyo … there were so many of them that they had to have 5 large tour buses to transport them!  We saw our good friends Kimo Kahoano and Gaylord Holomalia amongst the crowd.

Our last day at JATA was a lot of fun, and as usual ManoaDNA saved its best for last!  We were so happy to see so many of our friends and fans there on both days.  We send our warmest mahalo to each and everyone of you who came to see us – thank you for coming out to Big Sight and supporting us!  And thank you for all the nice omiyage that the boys & I received from you too!  One omiyage gift that was especially interesting was the chilled box of glazed sweet potato french fries from our friend, Hiroyuki – so ono, but very different!  Thank you!

Sapporo was also a lot of fun too, as we joined emcees Reiko, Sarah, and Nobby from FM Northwave for a Hawaii celebration day at the Sapporo Factory.  We then stopped by their reception afterwards to say “hi” and to thank all of the staff and supporters who helped put on this great event.  Thank you Reiko, Sarah, and Nobby for making us feel so welcome!  We made many new friends and fans that day and I hope we get to go back to Sapporo soon!  And at dinner that evening, we finally got to enjoy ice cold mugs of our favorite Sapporo Classic nama beeru (draft beer) and platters of Genghis Khan (fresh lamb teppanyaki) … it doesn’t get much better than that!

Thank you to Hawaii Tourism Japan for being such wonderful hosts and a big mahalo to our manager, Ann Suzukawa, for keeping us fed and out of trouble!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Aloha Lloyd, welcome back home, hope your flight home was good. Just wanted to thank you and as well as your whole family for your hospitality and friendship shared, it really made our trip exciting and enjoyable. I’ve shared the stage with many different entertainers and musicians and by far its was an honor to work alonside with Manoa DNA. Very humble and respectful individuals with alot of life, you guys represent Hawaii very well, on stage an off stage, that is very hard to find nowadays. I’ve become one of Manoa DNA’s biggest fan! Again, thank you so much for the CD’s and just making our stay in Japan memorable. May God continually Bless you and your family in every aspect of life and allow you to reach the world through the beauty within. Aloha, Tony (Paradise Cove)

    • Howzit Tony!
      We just got back this morning and I was greeted by your beautiful email! Thank you!
      We were honored to share the stage with you guys and I’m glad you were able to enjoy a lot of the cool stuff that Japan has to offer (I don’t think the sandwich at the Ghana booth counts but was good, yah?). Anyway, Sapporo was great and I hope we were able to convince more people to come and visit our beautiful islands. I hope you’ll get the chance to visit Sapporo – it’s one of our favorite places and I know you’ll really enjoy it too. The food is outstanding – especially the seafood, dairy products, and the Sapporo Classic draft beer – plus, everyone’s so much more laid back than in Tokyo.

      I hope we get to see you guys again very soon! Please take care and God Bless!

  2. Hi Dad!!
    Otsukare-sama your Japan tour! I had a so much fun!!
    Please take a good rest.
    Wasn’t it cold in Sapporo? I heard that it was cold in Sapporo…
    Hope to see you soon in Honolulu!!

    • Aloha, Masako!
      Thank you very much for coming to see us at JATA and it was so nice to see you again!

  3. Takashi Tsushima

    Aloha Mr. Lloyd Nice to meet you.
    Thank you very much your performance in “DISCOVER ALOHA HAWAII FESTIVAL in Sapporo”
    My name is Takashi Tsushima. and I was born in Kure city,Hiroshima Prif.
    February 23 1953. I’m working now in elementary school.
    I talk to many your wife in Sapporo Factory. I think your wife knows me.
    I know “Pele Reiko” very much. because I am a member of “Studio Rim Club”
    I am heavy listener for FM NORTH WAVE. and radio name is “hiro no ponta”
    I hope see you again in Sapporo,next year. or in Honolulu.
    Ps:A message for your wife. Thank you very much CD “Voices Sweet” for me.

    • Aloha, Takashi,
      It was a pleasure to meet you too! Please take care and we hope to see you again soon!