I have so much video to sort through on this trip and I have no time to do it! haha! I think that once I have time to start sorting through it, I’ll have a lot of movies for my vlog, so stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, I’ll post pictures here and there as a preview to what videos are to come. Here is a picture of me at a tempura bar…totemo oishikatta!!!!!




4 thoughts on “No Video Yet…

  1. Miyoshi 13 years ago

    Nana Beeru 🙂 and Tenpura….where is Tenpura??
    ….already eaten?!! オオーw(*゚o゚*)w

    1. alex 13 years ago

      yes the beer and tenpura was oishikatta!!

  2. Nao Matsuura 13 years ago

    Aloha, Alex!
    I’m really happy to meet you guys AGAIN at JATA:) Actually, I was thinking to go there or not because Hiroshima is far… But I made a good decision!!! Thank you for your great performances! So, don’t worry, I took pictures & videos♪ I’m gonna upload them ASAP!

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

    1. alex 13 years ago

      Aloha Nao!
      Thanks for coming all the way to JATA! it was good to see you again. Hope to see you when we head to Hiroshima in November!
      Aloha, Alex

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