It’s Saturday here in Japan and the skies have become quite overcast due to the passing typhoon.  It was media day yesterday at JATA and we had one performance and another radio interview in the afternoon.  We attended another reception at the Hawaii booth and the food was catered by this local Japanese restaurant, Ogo’s … wow, the food was soooo ono especially the poke!  I was told that their poke took 1st place at the Sam Choy’s poke contest in Hawaii!  We’re going to have to go check Ogo’s out the next time we’re in Tokyo!

We also found our favorite Ghana food booth and it was as good as ever!  We all ate a couple of their special beef and chicken sandwiches and even got the Paradise Cove musicians, Clayton and Tony, hooked on the little buggahs!  I can’t wait to eat them again today … yum!  I’ve enclosed a photo of Alex standing in front of the booth below.

What's with all the stripes?!
What's with all the stripes?!
Alex at our favorite Ghana food booth - check out the meat "towers"!
Alex at our favorite Ghana food booth - check out the meat "towers"!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi!!
    I go to JATA today!!(2time stage!!)
    Let’s meet again!!

  2. Hi Dad!!

    I’m glad to met your guys yesterday!!
    I will go to JATA again tomorrow.


  3. wow, Is that ghana food you talked about before? It’s my favorite too!! (but I was told that is “Lebanese” when I was in Australia. I wish I could eat it here too;) BON APPETIT!

  4. Hi Dad Nick and Alex!

    I’m glad to see you guys again!!
    It is hard for me to express my feelings in words how much I appreciated. Thank you so much for a great performance and share the great time with us:-)

    This is the first time for me to meet Manoa DNA fans to face to face and it was really fun to spend the time with them. Dad, you looked tired after your last performance today. So please please take good care of yourself!!

    Oh, I talked to my nephew Ryuma on the phone that I went to see your performance yesterday and today. He envied me! So I’ll show him the video that I took. Maybe he will like it.

    See you at Lulu’s via the internet!!
    And please give my regards to Carla and Sarah:-)

    I already miss you guys:-(

    Mahalo, Mari

    P.S. enjoy Sapporo beer!!

  5. Aloha, Dad!
    I’m really happy to meet you guys again at JATA! It’s first time for me to watch your performance in JAPAN. So, I knew ManoaDNA has a lot of fans in JAPAN! On 20th, we were wearing the clothes which have same pattern. What a coincidence! w(°o°)w
    And…I have to study English MORE until I’ll meet you guys again!
    Thank you for giving me great time!!! Have a safe flight to Hawai’i & take care:)

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪