I’m in Japan, that’s why!

Well, we’re here, it’s the second day of JATA World Travel Fair and I’m excited to finally get some performing in! It’s been a little busy for the first couple of days we were here, but that was mostly because we went shopping, eating, the occasional performance, eating, soundchecks, and more eating. But now, the work begins! LETS GO!

I’ll try to get some video up if I can. Shot some footage yesterday about a great booth at JATA that serves Ghana food! WAHOO!


  1. Aloha, Nick!
    Thank you for your great performances at JATA! I met friends who are fans of ManoaDNA. So, I had a lot of fun with them♪ ManoaDNA is awesome!!! (By the way, we tried Ghana sandwichs(?). It was ono~(^o^)b)

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  2. is that “ghana” as in the west african country? if so, that’s pretty random. just saying…