We’re here!

Hello all … well, we arrived safe and sound after a comfortable, but long, 8 hr. flight!  The weather is nice but overcast … rain is expected this weekend as a typhoon is expected to pass near Japan.  I had a meeting this afternoon right after we arrived, and then we all went to Katsukura Restaurant in Shiodome to feast on some tonkatsu and beer!  It’s now about 8pm and I’m fighting to stay awake so I don’t go to sleep too early and wake up at 1am!  We’re planning on going to Tsukiji Fish Market early tomorrow morning to check out the fish auctions and to have some sashimi and beer for breakfast!  It sounds gross, but trust me … it’s so awesome!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi.DAD!!

    Welcome to JAPAN!!

    Do you feel so cold in Japan??

    Please enjoy eat a SASHIMI in Tukiji tomorrow morning!!
    Ah—–.I want to go there tooo——.
    But,I have to work tomorrow ///

    I go to JATA in 19th.
    Let’s meet there!! Mahalo Naoko Sakata

  2. Naoko Mikajima

    Aloha dad! I’m sorry I can’t go to JATA this time because I have to looking for job…so see you on November in Hiroshima.