Countdown begins …

Good morning ohana & friends!  It’s another BEEE-YOOOTIFUL morning in Manoa and we just got back from our puppy walk.  As the cool Manoa rain mists came down the valley and the sun began to peek over the Ko’olaus, I suddenly had a strong sense that our kupuna were present and smiling down on us … whooo, chicken skin!

Another busy day ahead … gotta run last-minute errands and pick up my golf clubs since the ManoaDNA golf club is playing this afternoon.  And since we leave for Japan tomorrow, I have to start packing and make sure we have all of our travel documents.  I might make another attempt at giving the puppies a bath … I know, I know, I keep saying that every weekend, but somehow I always end up with no time.  Oh well, so what’s another week of stinky dogs?!

Kani Ka Pila was awesome last night … big “MAHALO!” to the Ric & Margie Wo ohana, to “sensei” Yutaka and Misa-chan, to Sae, Kayoko, and my buddy Shion, to Debbie for the hula (Carrie chickened out!), to Patty and her gang, and to Kale and Anna who literally “had our back”!  And last but not least, to our family without whom we would not be ManoaDNA … we love you guys!  If you were there and I forgot to mention you, please forgive me …  For those of you who watched our ManoaDNA LIVE! streaming video, we apologize since there were problems with the streaming last night … Nick is trying to find out what went wrong, so stay tuned.

Aloha, Lloy”D”