1. Hi Nick and Alex!!

    Thanks for calling my nephew’s name the day before yesterday!!
    He seemed to be very happy and he was wondering why we were not seen from you. So he moved his face close to the computer screen said “hello!” loudly and blew a kiss to you. He saw you who winked at and he was mimicking you. That was so cute!! I say thank you instead of him.
    It was having problems with the streaming but we had fun time!
    And you are good engineer!!

    See you on Saturday at Tokyo Big Sight!
    Have a nice flight!!


  2. Hi,Nick!!

    It will be your Japanese tour from tomorrow.
    Please take care.

    I look forward to meeting again .
    I’ll enjoy your stage with [MDNA’s UTIWA that I made ].
    Then, let’s meet in JATA on the 19th.

    Mahalo Naoko Sakata