Busy Tuesday

Good morning!  I have a very busy Tuesday – meetings throughout the day and our good friend Linda is flying in today from Seattle to spend a few months with us.  The puppies are going to be so happy to see her (especially me, because now I won’t have to walk them every morning!). :-)  We had a real nice dinner with our friends, the Taguchis, last night at their Waikiki condo, and I was right – Aiko is a wonderful cook!

We’re starting to get ready for our return to Japan next week, so this week will be filled with rehearsals, gigs, and doing laundry!  At least this trip won’t be as hectic as the last one … we’ll actually have a few hours of free time! :-)  We take these trips very seriously, though, since we represent Hawai’i and are really the first experience for many people who want to come to our lovely islands.

Before I sign off, I’d like to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to my friend Takashi who turns the big five-oh today!

Aloha, Lloy”D”