ManoaDNA LIVE! Hana hou …

It’s another rainy Manoa morning, and I’m getting ready to walk the puppies.  Our dogs are so lolo – they bug us to take them for their walk and then run away when we try to put on their walking harnesses!  Go figure ….

It was another awesome evening at Kani Ka Pila!  We streamed our live performance via the internet so I hope you were able to at least catch some of our show last night.  We had another great crowd in attendance with lots of them blowing these little red whistles that our friend, Yutaka, had brought and was giving away. Nick and Alex were also surprised to see a couple of their former Punahou teachers in the audience, and !  BTW, I’d like to be sure to say “hi” to all of you personally the next time we do a live video feed, so please remind me before the next scheduled performance.  You can check our schedule since Nick always tries to keep it updated.

I did not score very well during my round of golf out at Hoakalei yesterday, although I had a blast with my partners Leon, Chris, and Danny.  As I pointed out in my previous blog, Hoakalei is a brand new golf course out on the Ewa plain and was designed by professional golfer, Ernie Els.  The course covers a much larger area than other Hawaii courses, and there are SO many sandtraps – over 130 to be exact!  Naturally, I ended up in a few of them during the course of play but was able to get out without too much trouble.  Since we weren’t familiar with the course, our scores reflected it – I shot a horrendous 91 – and that was the low score of our group!  What the …?!  I’m sure if we played it again (hint, hint) we’d definitely do much better! 🙂

Have a great Labor Day!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Bravo! Live at Kani Ka Pila was so good we might install lights next time so we can see you at nightfall! Hana hou!

    • Thanks, Susan! And while you’re at it, ask them to put in a good sound system too .. they need that more than lights, believe me! 🙂

  2. Hi Dad! I really had fun Manoa DNA’s live via internet!!!! 🙂
    Mahalo!!!! Arigatou!

    See you next week in front of Computer!
    Naoko in Hiroshima