Birthday surprise!

Last night we all went to Nick’s condo for what I thought was a housewarming get together … SURPRISE!!  It turned out to be a surprise birthday dinner for me!  How thoughtful of them!  Nick’s place is really nice – a real bachelor’s pad – with sweeping views of the Honolulu city skyline.  We spent the evening eating, drinking, and playing Wii (my first experience) and I actually got physically exhausted playing the damn video game!  It was a real blast and I really want to thank my family, especially Carla, Nick, and Alex for putting this all together.  I love you guys!

It’s almost September and we need to start preparing for our return trip to Japan in a couple of weeks.  We also need to plan the recording schedule for CD #3 which we’d like to have by early next year (hopefully!).  Lots of things in the fire … looks like it’s time to ROCK ‘N ROLL AGAIN, BABY!!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. ☆☆☆Happy birthday!! Lloyd san☆☆☆